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Rhaphidophora Korthalsii is a rare aerial root plant known for its flat climbing foliage that gives the effect of lush green roof shingles. Young korthalsii plants have narrow and elongated leaves, while mature ones will be massive, split, and often perforated.

🌿 They require well draining soil to avoid root rot. A minimum of 60% humidity is a must for these guys to grow consistently and happy.

💧Let it dry out a bit between watering. Check it once a week in the fall/winter, and twice a week in spring/summer.

☀️ It does best in medium to bright indirect light. Try to avoid direct sun, as this can scorch the leaves.

🐶🐱 This plant is moderately toxic and can cause some adverse reactions when ingested.

Rhaphidophora Korthalsi 'Shingling Plant' (double sided)

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