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The Rose of Jericho is a Mexican desert plant also called the Dinosaur or Resurrection plant.

It is known as the Resurrection plant because it seems to come to life after dying. Some may use it for medicine, tea, decorations, or for spiritual purposes. It is believed to bring peace, power, and abundance to your home and family. ericho is a plant that has many uses and varies greatly from other plants. This plant is perennial that can survive years of neglect and drought conditions. The fernlike plant turns brown and shrivels up when it doesn't have water for more than 24 hours.

To grow it, simply rehydrate it in water and anchor it in a container with water.


1.Place the plant in a bowl with water and let the roots be in constant contact with the water.

2. For the first week, rinse the plant thoroughly and replace water every other day.

3. You can take the water out and let the plant go back to sleep at any time.

Average dimensions: 2-3" dry.

Awakening Rose of Jericho may vary depending how long it’s been asleep for.

Rose of Jerrico (ressurection plant)

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